Electro Mechanisms, Inc.
515 West Allen Avenue #15, San Dimas California 91773-1469
Phone: 909-394-9953 Fax: 909-394-0782
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EMI manufacturers and designs a wide range of high quality linear solenoids and electromagnets. We are completely equipped, both in engineering and production, to supply a variation of our standard solenoid models to meet a specific requirement and/or application. We are capable of modifying and designing a new solenoid model within the size range of our solenoids.

Solenoid Models:

(Roll over and click on the solenoid model)

C Frame
D Frame


  • C-Frame (Open Frame), D-Frame, and Tubular solenoids.
  • DC or AC solenoid models.
  • Push or Pull type action.
  • Life expectancy of millions of operations.
  • Class A (105°C), B (130°C), F (155°C), H (180°C) insulation also available.
  • PVC or Teflon lead wires, Terminal Lugs also available.
  • Continuous, Intermittent, or Pulse duty cycle application.
  • Capable of battery power operations.
  • RoHS Compliant solenoids available.

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