Electro Mechanisms, Inc.
515 West Allen Avenue #15, San Dimas California 91773-1469
Phone: 909-394-9953 Fax: 909-394-0782
Email: info@electromechanisms.com

About Us

Electro-Mechanisms, Inc. (“EMI”), a California corporation, was founded and incorporated by Guy Martin in 1963. After receiving his BA in business, Mr. Martin set out to deliver high-quality micro and miniature solenoids to middle market businesses. However, rather than focus on mass-producing generic solenoids, he took EMI beyond the role of a pure manufacturer by stressing the importance of client interaction. To this day, our staff carefully reviews and discusses drawings with our customers to ensure we create the exact solenoid to fit their needs.

Continuing this tradition of quality is the founder’s grand-daughter, Dawn S. Lorenz, who now owns and leads our company along with her dedicated support staff in San Dimas, Southern California. In her brief tenure she has already helped increase sales and expanded the array of benefits we offer; as a woman-owned business, EMI qualifies many customers for various private and public incentive programs. Our company looks forward to continued sales growth under her guidance as we position ourselves to expand into untapped regional markets.  Please continue to visit our website as we start to introduce an enlarged product line.


“EMI will continue its dedication to supply our customers with high quality solenoids, electromagnets, and engineering/design services that exceed their expectations.”


Headquarters are located at:

 515 W. Allen Ave, Bldg 15
San Dimas, CA 91773
 T: 909.394.9953
 F: 909.394.0782


 Owner and CEO: Dawn S. Lorenz – email: dslorenz@electromechanisms.com
General Manager: Jose Rivera – email: jr@electromechanisms.com
Production Manager: Jeannette Kappler

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